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Genetics and Developmental Biology Area of Concentration

The Genetics and Developmental Biology Area of Concentration provides students with fundamental interdisciplinary training in modern molecular genetics and developmental biology, emphasizing cellular and molecular aspects as well as tissue interactions. Faculty members are from several basic science and clinical departments and study a wide range of organisms including yeast, parasites, worms, fruit flies, mice, and humans. Students are expected to obtain in-depth training in molecular genetics and developmental biology. The program prepares students to compete for job opportunities in traditional medical and dental school departments as well as a productive research career in either academia or industry.


IMPORTANT NOTE: **The deadline for the receipt of all application materials for the Ph.D. in Biomedical Science program is DECEMBER 1st. **


Contact Information

Please note that applications are made to the  Biomedical Science Ph.D. program, not to an individual area of concentration.

Inquiries regarding admission to the Biomedical Science Ph.D. program should be directed to: BiomedSciAdmissions@uchc.edu.

GDB AoC Director
Dr. Blanka Rogina
Email: rogina@neuron.uchc.edu

Genetics and Development Biology
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